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PodCamp Boston audio: an interview with Francesca Rheannon

October 7, 2006

Bryan Person interviews Francesca Rheannon for Episode 017 of the New Comm Road podcast.


It’s love, all right!

August 26, 2006

Specifically, it’s contributor love. We’re lining up more and more of the biggest, best, and most generous names in podcasting, blogging, and new media who really believe in the power of new media and are willing to back their talk up with contribution. Here’s the list of the hottest names on our radar!

PodCamp Boston Sponsors ($200 or more)

PodCamp Boston Donors (under $200)

  • Hobby Software – $99.71 contribution – member of PodCamp Plus!
  • Whitney Hoffman/LD Podcast – $99.71 contribution – member of PodCamp Plus!
  • Tereas Amadis Wann – $99.71 contribution – member of PodCamp Plus!
  • Disc of Light Publishing Group – $19.12 contribution
  • Alice Fritz – $12.32 contribution
  • Donationcoder – $9.41 contribution
  • Eric Allam stock – $6.50 contribution

We’ve got 164 people registered for PodCamp and the event is now two weeks away. If you plan on presenting, please start preparing your show notes, etc.!