Starting Work on PodCamp Philly

September 17, 2006

Okay. I just edited the wiki to make a space for PodCamp Philadelphia. This is mostly in the planning phases, but because lots of you are toggled to see changes to the wiki, let me give you the rundown.

Drew Olanoff and Adam Plante from the Best Damned Tech Show, Period have volunteered to organize PodCamp Philly in January. Cold as a beeyotch, I know. But that’s going to be part of the appeal. Something to do on a freezing, snowy weekend.

This is so Alpha. Don’t sweat anything just yet. But if you think Philly’s a neat place to PodCamp, or if you have a venue in mind, a sponsorship to offer, or organization help, jump on in. I imagine Drew will post an email address for you to contact him shortly.

If you’re planning a PodCamp for your area, cool! We’re still working on how to be helpful to this cause. In the short term, stay linked to the blog, and stay in contact with Christopher S. Penn and myself. We’ll do what we can to share our lessons learned in anticipation of the final document.

This is only the beginning.


  1. I can ask the NJ Podcasters Association if they would be interested in participating…I’m in Cherry Hill near Philadelphia, so I’m going to put this on my calendar for sure.

  2. As it turns out, PodCamp Philly is scheduled for Sept. 7, 8, & 9th,. 2007 at Drexel University! We’re excited and it’s gonna be great! What a way to celebrate Podcamp’s 1st Anniversary!

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