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PodCamp Metrics

September 15, 2006

In the interests of continuing full disclosure, here are some metrics about PodCamp.

  • Scope: 346 registered attendees; originally planned for 215.
  • Initial projected need: $5,000
  • Actual need: $10,420
  • Actual raised: $15,614
  • Peak website traffic: 18,000 unique visitors in 24 hours
  • Web site traffic over last 14 days: 88,559 unique visitors
  • Number of blog posts: 932 via technorati, 1,101 via Google Blogsearch
  • Number of photos: 693 on Flickr under tag podcamp, additional under podcamp+boston

For our generous sponsors, we want to emphasize that in addition to building goodwill and building brand association, we were actually able to deliver $886 worth of sponsorship exposure at the industry standard $10/CPM. It’s vitally important that everyone at PodCamp had a good time, but secondarily, it’s nice to be able to show sponsors that they weren’t just flinging hard-earned dollars into a big black hole.

Christopher Penn, Organizer & Co-Founder