Thanks Berkman and Thank YOU

September 9, 2006

Harvard’s Berkman Center threw a party for PodCamp, and it was great! Christopher Lydon was there, and we got to hear the first podcast. There was a great speach, including a point about Dave Winer being a lot like Socrates. Chris Penn gave a great speech (you saw the video). And me? I walked around and met as many folks as I could, and got to talk with people about their passions.

Sooz and I took off directly afterwards to do some work, which involved a neat road trip, and then some remote-controlling of her wonderful boyfriend, Michael, through Staples to pick up some last minute supplies. I missed all the after-events, but as fate would have it, I was podcasting my walk from the very far end of Harvard Square to the venue the gang picked, and I got to do some really fun interviews and street life sounds.

We ended up with a hilarious three way conversation with Justin Kownacki and Eric Olsen, which we called Thong Church. (I think we covered the story behind that in the audio, but you’ll have to wait).

C’monnnnnnn, Tomorrow!

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