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Christopher Penn Berkman Welcome

September 8, 2006

Christopher Penn welcomes Podcamp Boston attendees to the Berkman reception.

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Video by Steve Garfield, shot with a Nokia N93.


First Post!

September 8, 2006

Here’s a recording of the introductory remarks at the PodCamp Boston kickoff party. Speaking are:

  • John Palfrey, Executive Director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society
  • Christopher Penn, PodCamp organizer
  • Christopher Lydon, Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School

You’ll hear a clip from one of the first podcasts with Chris Lydon and Dave Winer.

Download the MP3 file.



September 8, 2006

PodCamp Boston has officially started with the incredibly warm reception given by the Berkman Center for Law at Harvard University this past evening. What a tremendous event – our thanks go to the staff of the Center for its gracious reception and presentation, the Brief History of Podcasting. John Palfrey introduced the event, I did a quick thing, then Chris Lydon presented a brief history of podcasting, from the earliest days when Dave Winer was just testing out the technology itself. Colin Rhinesmith presented a terrific mashup of some early podcasting moments, and much fun was had. We can’t thank the Berkman Center enough for its hospitality! The very, very least we could do was add the Berkman Center to our family of sponsors, which is finalized at:

PodCamp Boston Sponsors ($200 or more)

PodCamp Boston Donors (under $200)

  • Hobby Software – $99.71 contribution – member of PodCamp Plus!
  • Whitney Hoffman/LD Podcast – $99.71 contribution – member of PodCamp Plus!
  • Tereas Amadis Wann – $99.71 contribution – member of PodCamp Plus!
  • Kevin Mullins – $99.71 contribution – member of PodCamp Plus!
  • Casey Mckinnon/Galacticast – $99.71 contribution – member of PodCamp Plus!
  • Anonymous Generous Blogger – $99.71 contribution – member of PodCamp Plus!
  • Paul Grous – $99.71 contribution – member of PodCamp Plus!
  • Amanda G. Watlington – $48.25 contribution
  • Bryan Person – $24.95 contribution
  • Disc of Light Publishing Group – $19.12 contribution
  • Alice Fritz – $12.32 contribution
  • Gary Grainger – $11.23 contribution
  • Donationcoder – $9.41 contribution
  • Eric Allam stock – $6.50 contribution

We are energized for PodCamp’s first sessions on Saturday. See you there!

Christopher Penn, PodCamp organizer and co-founder


PodCamp Boston Almost Here!

September 8, 2006

Take a listen as Bryan Person checks in with one last pre-PodCamp “pep talk.”


Featuring Podsafe Music Network artist Boffius and the song “The Call of the Crenpowls.”


PodCamp Map Updated!

September 8, 2006

Because we need to work around the classes in session, some rooms will be variable between morning and afternoon sessions at PodCamp. Not to worry – we’ve got an updated, handy map with schedule so you know exactly where to go!