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Welcome one and all…

September 6, 2006

Sponsorship will be closing up tomorrow (we need a day or so to print up signs and otherwise get things ready) so here’s some Wednesday morning link love for our sponsors. It’s been an absolutely amazing experience putting together the funding for this UnConference. When we looked at the initial bills and what we were going to have to pay, it was shocking, to say the least, especially since other BarCamp organizers hadn’t quoted anything NEAR our costs to make BarCamps happen. But our organizer team came through with a HUGE effort – Steve, Bryan, Chris, Adam, and, well, everyone.

We’ve raised nearly $11,000 for PodCamp (and sadly are on track to have used it all) from more than 30 sponsors. Some of the “brand names” in podcasting declined to assist, but in their place are the zealots, the true believers, and the risk takers, for whom we thank profusely. PodCamp couldn’t have happened without your help, without your evangelism and your unflinching eye on the future of new media.

If you’re interested in sponsoring PodCamp, less than 24 hours remain before we have to cut off sponsorship registrations in order to get a final UnExpo table count. Otherwise, I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, the generous, visionary backers of PodCamp:

PodCamp Boston Sponsors ($200 or more)

PodCamp Boston Donors (under $200)

  • Hobby Software – $99.71 contribution – member of PodCamp Plus!
  • Whitney Hoffman/LD Podcast – $99.71 contribution – member of PodCamp Plus!
  • Tereas Amadis Wann – $99.71 contribution – member of PodCamp Plus!
  • Kevin Mullins – $99.71 contribution – member of PodCamp Plus!
  • Casey Mckinnon/Galacticast – $99.71 contribution – member of PodCamp Plus!
  • Anonymous Generous Blogger – $99.71 contribution – member of PodCamp Plus!
  • Amanda G. Watlington – $48.25 contribution
  • Bryan Person – $24.95 contribution
  • Disc of Light Publishing Group – $19.12 contribution
  • Alice Fritz – $12.32 contribution
  • Gary Grainger – $11.23 contribution
  • Donationcoder – $9.41 contribution
  • Eric Allam stock – $6.50 contribution

Christopher Penn, PodCamp organizer and co-Founder