Podcast- What I Want from PodCamp

September 3, 2006

I recorded a brief podcast about what I hope to get out of PodCamp personally. I wanted you to think about this question yourself, and this is my attempt to prime your mental pumps for the concept.

The File is HERE.

Chris Brogan, PodCamp organizer

One comment

  1. Hey Chris!

    I wanted to respond to this, and to the comment you posted on our blog asking what Uncle Seth is hoping to get out of PodCamp:

    1) Get exposure – Of course all musicians want to be heard, we’re essentially just noisy-narcissists you know! Playing in front of an audience, particularly one where we already have some buzz, is always an amazing thing for an band. After the experience we had playing at Podcasters Across Borders in Canada earlier this summer, the opportunity to play at another grassroots podcasting event was just too enticing to pass up.

    2) Re-enforce relationships and form new ones – Truth be told, his actually is the top of the list for me. Of course, we’re TOTALLY psyched about playing for people, it’s what we love to do, but I’d say for my own part it’s just as important to meet face-to-face for the first time with people like Christopher Penn, C.C. Chapman, John Havens, and many others (including you!) who have supported us through podcasting, blogging etc. Also looking forward to seeing some of our Canadian friends again: Mark Blevis, Bob Goyetche, Julien Smith & Leesa Barnes (who’s very bravely ridding down in my car) are among the canuck contingent. It’s great to connect online, but nothing beats share a few words (and hopefully a few drinks!) in person. As you said in your audio, podcasting is all about community and we absolutely love being part of it.

    3) LearnUncle Seth are podcasters too of course, and I also do the Toronto Independent Music (TIM) podcast. The opportunity to hear from and share ideas about recording, putting shows together, new technology, etc. appeals to the programmer and the geek in us, no question!

    4) Have fun – Well DUH! Really looking forward to sharing some laughs (and once again, drinks… did I mention drinks?) with all’y’all!

    That about covers it… oh, did I mention drinks?

    Seeya soon!
    – J.

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