200 Registrants Reached!

August 31, 2006

**Update: If Dave Winer says something about unconferences, I’m taking his advice, dammit.**

Hooray! 200 Registrants! Viva!  Keep the registrations coming. Let’s load this baby up. If we go to 300, cool! It’s a good problem to have.

— Chris… (editing the wiki, and thankful for help).


  1. My advice based on recent experience at BloggerCon, don’t turn people away. We thought we had “oversold” the room, with twice as many signups as there were seats, and started discouraging people, but the room was at most 3/4 full and most of the time less than 1/2 full. You probably haven’t oversold, and take the chance that the place is overflowing with people, worse things could happen! 🙂

  2. […] Did you see or read the news? PodCamp Boston has reached its magic 200 registrants level and is starting a waiting list. First time around; wow, what a way to go! Only a week away. The anticipation is indeed rising!  Technorati Tags : PodCamp+Boston, PodCamp, vlog, podcast, blog, unconference Powered By Qumana Filed under Personal Growth by Steve Sherlock. Permalink • Print • Email […]

  3. […] Wasn’t it just a week ago when we celebrated the 200-registrant mark? […]

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