So, what’s your podcast about?

August 30, 2006

This offer just came in from 15SecondPitch.com:

Attention All Campers: (Did any of you see the movie Meatballs? It’s a classic!)I’m very excited about coming to PodCamp! I’ve been inspired to share the gift of the pitch with a few of you who will be attending the event, so I’m going to offer my services to the first 5 people who contact me and reference “PodCamp.” I will help you craft a catchy fun pitch to help you promote your podcast and, if your pitch turns out truly excellent, I’ll even feature your pitch on our website at: http://www.15SecondPitch.com

We’ll work on the following together via email and you’ll have a pitch ready to go for Podcamp.

1.) Identifying what makes your podcast unique
2.) Explain why you are passionate about your podcast
3.) Share what value people will get from listening to you podcast (i.e. is it funny, informative, a new take on an old subject)
4.) Let them know how to subscribe to you podcast

How do you answer the question, “So, what’s your podcast about?” If you want to attract more listeners and start creating better conversations you need to be able to explain why your podcast is worth taking the time and energy to listen to. Email me at: laura@15SecondPitch.com and please put “podcamp pitch” in the subject line. I’ll let you know if you are one of the first 5 and even if you are not, you can work on your pitch using our free “Pitch Wizard” and still create an excellent Pod Cast Pitch.



Chris Brogan, PodCamp Organizer

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