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August 15, 2006

25 days to go until PodCamp. 121 registrants. We’re going to have a blast. We made some significant progress today with PodCamp funding – we received checks from KMC Partners, The Museum of Science Boston, and Tech Superpowers, plus a new addition to the sponsor family, Social Roots. Here’s where we stand:

As always, I express my gratitude to our sponsors for helping make this event come alive! PodCamp has been a dream and a vision ever since BarCamp Boston, and to have the first PodCamp also in Boston is, I think, a huge deal. Why? Because of what’s happening in tech and industry lately. New Media has been exploding, but it’s been exploding most in places where the traditional media establishment already is – New York, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley. Metro Boston’s been relegated as the biotech place, and the city where Bubble 1.0 burst. Lots of bad memories of Metro Boston and the 128 corridor. Lots of people who associate Boston with Bubble 1.0.

Well, Boston hasn’t forgotten, and we haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, we’ve got talent, we’ve got brains, we’ve got everything that made Bubble 1.0 possible (for good or ill) and we’re eager to show the rest of the country that we’re not being left behind. Boston – New England, really – has some of the best, brightest talent in technology, New Media, and cutting edge ideas, and PodCamp is a small but significant part of that. We’ve been the seat of the Revolution once before. We’ve got experience. Come to PodCamp Boston and join the revolution.

Christopher Penn, PodCamp Organizer

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