Your ideas and suggestions

August 4, 2006

We’re looking for your ideas and suggestions about how to make PodCamp Boston the very best unconference that it can be.

What kind of presentations would you like to see at the event? What are you hoping to learn? What are some ways we can make sure to connect you with as many creative, passionate, and talented people as possible?

Give us your thoughts by commenting below.


  1. First off, I’m disappointed to hear that there will be an “Expo floor”. It’s great that you could find some sponsors for the event but please make sure it’s low key.

    Second, I’d like some real meat in the content of the sessions. If this is going to be meaningful I think the group needs to get to the heart of some real issues that are important in podcasting.

    Three issues that I think are very important are: 1. Directories misusing content by making people login to access downloads or putting copious amounts of ads in or around content without asking permission. Basically answer the question of where the line between fair and non-fair is drawn. 2. The risks and benefits of centralized RSS. I love FeedBurner and I use their service but I’m starting to see a potentional issue as they get more valuable and become a takeover candidate. 3. The Community Podcast Directory recently announced by Dave Winer. Let’s discuss this. Do people think it’s necessary to have a non-commercial directory built by the community?

    Just a few (hopefully good) ideas.

  2. Rob – great to hear your feedback. I know the whole sponsor thing can clash with the unconference thing, but I do truly and honestly believe there’s a good middle ground between complete non-commercial and tradeshow expo, and I want PodCamp to be that middle ground. For those sponsors who have a really good product/service that fits the theme, I think it’ll be a natural fit, and I can guarantee you that no one will be pitching you about Student Loan Network products at the event, unless you outright ask me to.

    Regarding your session ideas – great! Will you be hosting one or all three? 🙂 I believe you’re right that these are very serious issues in podcasting – for example, my show is licensed under Creative Commons non-commercial, so someone reusing my syndication is in violation of that license unless they receive an exemption from me. That said, I also don’t have the free time to hire lawyers to do lawyerly things. It’s still a worthwhile discussion – put up a request on the Sessions page on the site asking for someone with a legal background or who is a lawyer to moderate the session with you. I’d attend.

    Regarding Feedburner – ask them. They’ll be there.

    I love the contributions and concerns you’ve put together so far – and I look forward to seeing you bring them to life at PodCamp. If you find that any of our sponsors are misbehaving or pushing a hard sell, please don’t be afraid to call bullshit on them and/or see one of the organizers.

    Chris Penn

  3. Hi all,
    I’m wondering if anyone has thought about a post-podcamp bar night on Sat, Sept 9th? Perhaps a place we could recommend that attendee’s congregate to mingle after they’ve been plied with a few glasses of “personality”. 🙂

  4. Chris:

    We’re working on something just like that for Saturday night. Check back on this blog soon; we’ll let you know once we’ve made all the arrangements.

    We’ve also just announced a Friday-night gathering at Harvard Law School. Check the front page of the blog for more details.

    Looking forward to meeting you next weekend, Chris!

  5. We are working on the meeting places for Saturday night. We now have 3 spots lined up with a hope for 10. Check here http://podcamp.pbwiki.com/SaturdayNight

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