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Now we’re cooking with Butter!

July 30, 2006

Hey gang,

A quick update. PodCamp is picking up momentum, which I’m psyched about. We’re a little more than a month away, and it’s time to put the spurs to this baby and make her FLY. Here’s what we need your help with over the next month.

  1. Share PodCamp with everyone you know! We have a great pool of shareable resources – audio promos, graphics, banners, PDFs, signs, you name it, we’ve almost got it. Please let folks know about PodCamp – and ask them to share it as well. Check out the promotional materials page here! And if there’s something that isn’t there that should be, shout it out!
  2. Sponsors, sponsors, sponsors. We need more sponsors. So far, we have three – the Museum of Science, Boston (venue), the Student Loan Network, and Node101. We still need sponsors, lots of them, to cover things like food and drink, T-Shirts and swag, giveaways, contests, prizes, you name it – we still need it. We even have a PayPal page set up for individual sponsors/donors. Every little bit helps and there’s no such thing as too little.
  3. Call for papers. At a normal conference, organizers usually have a call for papers, where they then select speakers based on papers and financial contributions. This is an unconference, which means no bribery, but it doesn’t mean no planning – please start thinking about what you want to present! Ideally, it’d be great to see presenters post frameworks, outlines, and notes on the PodCamp wiki at
  4. Call for volunteers. xCamps can be incredibly labor intensive – we need volunteers to help out with event organization, from the registration desk (where people will check in) to setting up rooms, networking, equipment, etc. If you’ve registered on the PodCamp wiki, please indicate whether you’d be willing to volunteer, and for what.

We’re excited to see PodCamp coming, and look forward to your participation! One other suggestion for all participants – plan on bringing gear. Network cables, audio cables, video cables, power supplies, wireless cards, etc. will all be welcome and encouraged. You may want to get some labels from an office supply store and tag all your equipment.


    PodCamp Boston Sept 9-10

    July 26, 2006

    Sept 9-10, 2006

    Podcamp Boston will be held on September 9th and 10th, 2006, in a venue to-be-named in a few days in Boston at Bunker Hill Community College (sponsored by the Museum of Science, Boston), accessible by public transportation, and readily reachable via the train. Podcamp is FREE to attend. Accomodations are being worked out such that we can offer a “camping” option. If people would like hotel accommodations, come to the PodCamp Boston website and we’ll work out a deal with a hotel.

    What’s the Deal

    At PodCamp, you’ll learn and share with other audio and/or video podcasters, sharing experiences, trading information, networking, and growing knowledge from each other’s experiences. Everyone from enthusiasts not-yet-into-the-pool to semi-pros, to old hats with lots of stuff to pass on to us new folks will be well-served by the event.

    Podcamp is a free unconference in the tradition of BarCamp. People register at the PodCamp Boston website (group password is: nepod), and then we like to get everyone to participate in some form or another.

    That’s the difference with an unconference. In these events, the attendees are also the experts. Sessions get organized on the fly the morning of the event, and there are all kinds of ways to participate: hold a 30 minute session or demo, a 5 minute lightning talk, or participate in a panel discussion. Join an informal round table talk, participate in podcasting demos and actual live podcasts as well! There’ll be more mics and cameras there than subjects to film and record! : )

    Free refreshments, including meals, will be served throughout the day.

    Who Should Attend

    Podcamp is for people interested in new media. Bloggers, podcasters, vloggers are who the conference serves best. If you’re interested in doing something with new media, you’ll want to attend. Are you a school or library wondering how to incorporate podcasting into projects and community events? Are you a corporation wondering why you should be involved? Are you a venture group thinking about whether to invest in this new media space? You’ll soon learn.

    What Kinds of Sessions are There?

    Remember, this is YOUR conference. If you sign up and prepare a session, YOUR knowledge is on display. But here are some starter sessions we’re already sure to offer:

  1. Panel Discussion – Podcast Formats
    Content Networks are the new blogs.
    Podcasting and Guerrilla Marketing
    Podcasting with Garageband -all the crap Apple didn’t bother to tell you about
    Corporate Podcasting – being the mouthpiece of a company for fun and profit
    Video Podcasting with iMovie
    Podcasting for Business – Beyond Adsense.
    Audio Drama Podcasts: Producing and Acting Tips
    LOTS MORE added. Go to for a recent update.
  2. And those are just the ones people have signed on to do so far. Other sessions we want YOU to tell us about are:

  3. Video Podcasts, Vlogging –
    Gear Sharing/Discussing
    Portable Rigs and Techniques
    Meet the Band (talk with a podsafe band)
    Music Podshows
    Mashup Cast- a live podcast demo with more than one show!
    Teaching through Technology – Podcasts and Education
    Interviewing techniques
    Phone interviews
    Acoustics and audio engineering basics for dummies
    Power listening – how to manage and listen to as many great podcasts as possible
    Podsearch – how do you find great podcasts?
  4. We Need You

    We want you to register at (pw: nepod). Please sign on and let us know that you can attend, that you can participate in either one of the sessions we’ve listed above, or in something you want to tell the rest of us about.

    We Need Sponsors

    Because it’s a free conference, and because costs are fairly scaled back, it’s not like we need a gazillion dollars. Instead, we’re asking for supplies, tee shirt sponsors, small cash donations, meal sponsorships, and the like. You can read more about it at our Sponsors page. Anything you can do to help would be great. And, uh, we’re still working on a venue (few options still pending).

    We Need Evangelists!

    Steal this logo! Please link us up at your podcast or technology site. If you want a different sized banner, just ask. We want to get people interested in podcasting and new media to attend, and for that, we need your help.

    Please come to PodCamp to sign up, attend, help, sponsor, or get more information.

    And thanks.

    PodCamp’s current list of organizers:

    * Chris Brogan from Grasshopper Factory
    * Christopher S. Penn of the Financial Aid Podcast built the site, logo, and contributed the URLs.
    * Bryan Person from the New Comm Road Podcast
    * Jack Hodgson from Techpopuli
    * Steve Garfield – Vlogger, Rocketboom Boston Correspondent.
    * Adam Weiss – Podcaster from the Museum of Science, Boston and Boston Behind the Scenes.


    PodCamp Blog Open For Business!

    July 26, 2006

    At the wise recommendation of Steve Garfield, we’ve opened up the PodCamp Blog! Check back here for news and notes from the organizers of PodCamp.